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Control4 Support & Maintenance Packages

A smart home system is like a living object, and, as such, needs the proper level of care to run smoothly over the long term. Like any computer system, it requires regular maintenance, including debugging and software updates. Whether you want to keep your home safe with the latest security technology, or just run music over a house-wide speaker system, you’ll want a good maintenance package that gives you piece of mind that your system is catered for.

Our silver package gives you access to Coded Living’s 4sight Subscription, which allows you to access and monitor your home’s devices from anywhere in the world from mobile devices. There are also regular updates for your controller/network to make everything as efficient and user-friendly as possible. There’s also regular off-site debugging maintenance to keep everything running smoothly without getting under your feet. For when that’s not enough, the silver package entitles you to six hours per annum of on-site maintenance with one of our technicians.

Our gold package is the best value for money, however, as it provides you with all the base benefits of the silver package, including an increased total of 16 hours on-site maintenance and programming, as well as scene alterations. Not only that, you’ll also get access to a 24-hour tech advice and off-site fault finding service. You’ll also get a behind the scenes health check-up for your system, and up to date offers on the latest available Control4 technology to help make your smart home ideal for you.

The silver package is available for £95 per month, while the gold package is available for £135 per month. Both packages come as a 12-month contract in order to provide the appropriate level of on-site maintenance per annum.

If you’ve had previous issues with your Control4 technology dealer, Coded Living also offers support and maintenance. If you have smart home technology, then having the proper support package is incredibly important. CodedLiving dedicated team is here to help with all your Control4 support needs, so sign up today and find the maintenance package that’s right for you.

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