Multi Room Audio Visual

Imagine being able to listen to your music throughout your home while you get ready to go out. Been watching a film downstairs and want to take it up to bed? The Control4 smart home system allows you to do this.

Multi-room audio control gives you the ability to listen and stream any format of music independently in every room on your home system. It can also allow you to play many different music sources and apps. It can play anything from internet radio and network storage through to Spotify, Apple Music and many more. You’ll also be able to incorporate surround sound to give your audio output an even greater sense of immersion.

When using the Control4 interface you will have the ability to control all the zones of audio output from any singular point. Imagine being able to control the music playing in your living room while standing in your bedroom. Thanks to our system, this is now a reality.

But Control4 doesn’t just have audio applications. It also gives you convenience when controlling your visual entertainment systems. Whether you want to watch 4K films or high-definition sporting events, Control4 allows you control over the TVs and home cinema system in every room of your home.

You will have the ability to pause a moment on one TV, then move to another room and play it on a different TV.

One of the major off-putting issues with installing smart home systems is the abundance of cluttered equipment and wires. You won’t have to worry about that with our service. We can build the system right into your main A/V rack. That way you can enjoy the convenience of our cutting edge system without having to sacrifice the tidiness of your home.

Unlike other systems, you won’t be burdened with confusing and inconvenient multiple controls. Every room can be controlled with just one main remote. This helps to give you seamless convenience.

At CodedLiving, we give you everything you need to make your smart home package a reality. We handle every aspect of it, from the design of it and the supply of materials to the installation of the project and its ongoing maintenance. With us, your Control4 home system will be up and running in no time.

If you are interested in hiring our high-quality services, feel free to call us at 01723 892 894 or email us at

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