One of the questions you might be asking yourself when considering a Control4 Smart Home is, will it support 4K Ultra HD? With many TV’s and AV equipment being sold now with 4K UHD capability it’s important that you consider this as part of your solution. 4K UHD is four times the resolution of 1080P HD video.

Fortunately Control4 now offers three matrix switches that can distribute 4K around your home to any room. All three switches support HDCP 2.2 copy-protected 4K material via their HDMI 2.0 inputs and outputs. Control4 believe they are the first to market with these Leaf Ultra HD AV Matrix Switches having bought out the Australian company Leaf last year.

The three switches come in 10×10, 8×8 and 6×6 models depending on your needs, with the top model being able to take 10 different sources (including 4K UHD and high-fidelity audio) and distribute them to 10 different points in your home.

By using the matrix switches you can distribute IR, RS232 and ethernet signals to your TV and projector receivers for control and high speed networking. Control4 offers such receivers that are about the size of a pack of cards and connect via HDMI without requiring a separate power cable.

HDCP compliance means you won’t get a black screen when trying to play copy-protected content on a non-compliant system. Many other manufacturers have rushed to offer 4K by supporting the bandwidth and feature set of 4K video but without HDCP they are a waste of money and time.

CodedLiving can offer the Control4 4K UHD Matrix Switches as part of any Smart Home installation so please get in touch if you’d like to discuss a Control4 Smart Home. If you’d like to read more about the switches please see the Control4 website for more information: