Smart Home Automation technology is a game-changer for the disabled and elderly. With the help of the latest cutting-edge equipment lives can be improved by making the home safer and more comfortable. Those who may have otherwise had to move out can stay independent in their own homes for longer.

Everything from lighting, heating and security to entertainment can be controlled remotely without the need to hit a light switch or get out of bed and go downstairs. By using a smartphone, tablet, touchscreen or even smartwatch no longer is it necessary to go downstairs to check your doors are locked, lights are off and your heating is turned down.

Smart Home Automation

Check who’s at the front door by simply checking your phone and activating the font door camera. Unlock the door remotely to let in your relative or carer without having to get up. Automate your blinds so you don’t have to physically reach up and struggle every day.

For the blind or partially sighted there is voice activation that can be customised to control all your home functions. Using Amazon Echo and Control4 Smarthome Automation technology anything that is connected can be controlled.

Amazon Echo for Voice Control

Amazon Echo for Voice Control

CodedLiving install Control4 Smarthome Automation technology in homes and buildings because we believe it’s the best to use and represents good value for the customer. Control4 has been widely in use in homes for over 12 years and works with over 8000 products from manufacturers you already know and trust.

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