Our remote heating control systems offer you an affordable, efficient, and user-friendly way to monitor your home’s heating. Not only will you enjoy a comfortable and consistent temperate within your home, but the added benefit of reduced energy bills too.


So, how can you control your heating? Well, there are several heating option controls that are available for controlling the heating within your home. What you choose very much depends upon your type of home, your lifestyle, and personal choice.


The Control4 room thermostat allows you to precisely control the level of heating in your home. Doing so will allow you to get the perfect temperature to suit your needs. The thermostat works in conjunction with the Control4 interfaces that are accessed via your smartphone, TV, or tablet computer. This allows you easy access to and control over your home’s heating, as and when it is needed. It also gives you that added flexibility to heat your home from any room, or anywhere in the world.


When it comes to choosing your heating controller in terms of how it looks, then the Nest is the obvious choice for the interior designers and those who want a polished and contemporary living space. This controller has been elegantly designed and is very easy to use. The real benefit from this controller is that it memorises your heating routines so that it knows exactly how, and when, you like to heat your home. You also get the added benefits of the Control4 thermostat.


The Heatmiser thermostatic controller works with your underfloor heating and can be fully integrated with the Control4 heating system. What this system also allows you to do is to set a minimum and maximum temperature range, so that your home maintains a comfortable temperature.


These three systems will help keep your home heated to a regular and comfortable temperature. All three systems can be managed remotely from anywhere in the world, and are incredibly easy to use. The added benefit is that all three will save you money on those heating bills, as you will only use energy as and when it is needed.

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