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Control4 Smart Security is the ultimate solution for keeping your home, family and property safe whether you are in the house or away on holiday. This fully integrated security system allows you to monitor, control and interact with your security systems wherever you are. Using app integration you can control alarms, cameras, lights and gates to keep your property secure from your mobile phone.

Get alerts when family members get home and enjoy the ability to read the number plate of any vehicle driving up to the property. With Control4 you will be able to give access to delivery drivers and control the security at your home from afar.


Get alerts if your alarm is triggered and control it from your mobile phone to keep your home secure. If the kids forget to set the alarm you can do it from work or you can enable and disable it between visits from your cleaner. Take greater control of your alarm systems with Control4.


Use Control4 to see live video from your security cameras. Whether you use this to check that it is a delivery truck at your gate or check on the kids when they get home, the possibilities are endless. The ability to view security cameras allows you to reassure yourself that your property and your vehicles are safe.


Take control of the gate and your porch door by app with Control4. This allows you to let delivery drivers into the porch to drop off a parcel securely without compromising the security of your home. With smart door locks you won’t need to give people a key to get in as you can allow them in only when you want to, wherever you may be.


With Control4 you can also customise your system to give you notifications. Get an alert if there is a water leak, if the door is unlocked, if the alarm goes off or if the gate hasn’t shut. With Control4 you will be aware of everything that is going on with your house without having to be there.

To find out more and start making your home more secure today, call us on 01723 892 894, email us at or drop us a message via the Contact Us page. Control4 can help you to take control of your home, alarms and security at the touch of a button.

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