Blinds & Curtains

Take the hassle out of blinds and curtains with a fully automated system for your home. With just the click of a button, you can open or close your blinds or curtains in any room from wherever you are.


With our advanced systems, you don’t even need to manually operate your blinds. It’s easy to set up our software to track the sunrise and sunset so your blinds will open automatically, or set a time schedule which can operate even when you’re away from home. You can set schedules for all sorts of predetermined events, and our state of the art software is designed to be as easy to use as possible, even if you’ve no previous experience with home automation technology.


If you’re away on holiday or out of town on business, you can also set your blinds or curtains to follow your typical daily schedule. No house-sitters required – your home will look as though you’re following your normal routine, even when you’re on the other side of the world.

The Latest in Home Automation Technology

Our automated blinds and curtains system use state of the art Control4 technology, allowing you to automate almost any aspect of your home and set up systems and routines with ease. The Control4 system can be made to work with almost anything, from lighting and heating to electronic appliances. If you already have some parts of your home automated or would like to add more in the future, you won’t need dozens of remote controls and terminals – you’ll be able to operate them all from the same place, or from one handy app on your phone.

Our systems work with thousands of major brands – almost anything can be added into your network either at once or over time, allowing you to fully customise your system and work in any additional appliances in future.


Whether you live in an old cottage, a converted farmhouse or an inner-city penthouse, our systems can be made to fit almost any home, regardless of size or age.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you with all of your home automation needs. Our dedicated team will be happy to give you a quote or advise you on any extras you may not be aware of to give you the complete, luxurious system you and your home deserve.